How Do I Maintain My Evacuation Chair?

Posted by Mobile Stairlift on Apr 26, 2022 7:00:00 AM

If you’re shopping around for an evacuation chair, you’re most likely looking for one that requires little-to-no maintenance. For a person with mobility impairments, maintaining an evacuation chair isn’t always reasonably possible and can also seem unnecessary for a piece of equipment that is rarely used. 

For caregivers or emergency personnel, there is often very little time to spend servicing evacuation equipment. Furthermore, when purchasing a paramedic stair chair reliable quality with little aftermarket care is expected, alongside a respectable warranty.

To help you get the most out of your evacuation chair, let’s go over a helpful checklist to use when servicing your emergency aid. We’ll then explore how often the Mobile Stairlift evacuation chairs should be serviced. 

Does My Evacuation Chair Need to Be Serviced?

While most evacuation chairs do not need to be serviced by a professional, there are a few ways to help extend its longevity. Below is a checklist of features to inspect on your emergency stair chair to ensure its reliability:

Evacuation chair feature to check Y / N
Does your chair unfold smoothly?  
Do the wheels run free?  
Is the seat material intact and clean?  
Have you tightened any loose fittings?  
Do all adjustments work?   
Does the release button on the safety belts still work? (Check the lap belt and ankle restraints).  
Do the wheels still lock?  
Is the dust cover intact?  
Do the lifting handles lock into place?  
Does the track system descend the stairs smoothly?  


Evacuation chairs that require constant maintenance are usually of poorer quality or are a part of a sales programme designed to get more out of the customer. Avoid schemes that require you to bring your chairs in for a service due to inferior workmanship. 

Completing this checklist is a small task to ensure your safety during an evacuation. Once a month, take five minutes out of your day to run through this exercise and make sure your evacuation chair runs smoothly. 

Complete this monthly task alongside practicing your prepared fire drill and checking the expiry dates of the contents in your go bag. If you don’t have a fire evacuation plan yet, our blog post explores what you need to prepare.


EZ evacuation chair and text sharing link to download the Mobile Stairlift fire evacuation guide


Do Mobile Stairlift Evacuation Chairs Need to Be Serviced?

Although our EZ Evacuation Chair is made from durable materials and is very low maintenance, we suggest a monthly visual inspection. This inspection can be done when you dust your chair. Look for any tears or loose bolts and tighten any loose fasteners. 

We also recommend looking over the following parts for security and functionality: wheels, wheel locks, upholstery, push handle mechanism, rubber grips, safety belt, track system and the handle height mechanism. While this is not a mandatory check, we believe it can ensure a longer lifespan. 

Mobile Stairlift offers a limited lifetime warranty, as well as a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. 

Not only have we engineered the safest and most comfortable evacuation chair on the market, we’ve made a chair that you can rely on in an emergency. If you want to know more about our dependable warranty and the servicing of Mobile Stairlift chairs, contact us today

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