How to Use Evacuation Chairs Safely as a Caregiver

Posted by Mobile StairLift on Apr 1, 2022 7:30:00 AM

If you’re caring for someone with a mobility impairment, it can be difficult to bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives — doubly so, if you’re family. And emergency preparedness can be easily overlooked when tackling this transition. 

While there are many options when it comes to stairlifts, an evac chair for stairs is an essential addition to the home. While battery-powered fixed or mobile stairlifts can be the best option for everyday use, they could put you and the person you care for at risk in an emergency (this blog post shares why). When every second counts, an emergency evacuation chair is your best option.

Here’s why the evacuation chairs are the preferred choice for caregivers committed to emergency preparedness across the United States, and all you need to know to operate one safely. Be sure to watch our evacuation chair training video at the end!  

4 Benefits of Using a Evacuation Chair In Case Of Emergency

Emergency evacuation chairs are perfect for home use, compared to alternatives like sleds or mats. Here’s why they’re a key addition to your inventory, and how they ensure quick, safe evacuations in case of emergency: 

  • Less strain on your body. Evacuation chairs are built to be lightweight, and to evenly distribute the weight of the person being transported between 2 carriers. Some, like Mobile Stairlift’s EZ Evacuation Chair, sport a rubber track system which grips and glides along stairs — further safeguarding carriers against physical strain or injury.

  • Quick and efficient deployment. Evacuation chairs are designed to be light enough to be carried up stairs quickly while folded, and easy to deploy (in one step!). Unlike some regular stairlifts, they require no previous installation or setup. This ensures you can work more efficiently during an emergency.

  • No batteries or power to worry about. During an emergency you can’t rely on there being electricity to operate a stairlift, and it’s easy to forget to keep your mobile stairlift’s batteries fully charged. Thankfully, evacuation chairs are designed to be operated manually — guaranteeing you a functioning stair chair even during blackouts.  

  • Increased versatility. Emergency evacuation chairs are built to navigate almost every staircase with ease. No more awkward turns on tight landings or risky descents on steep stairs — saving you precious seconds, safely.
Mobile Stairlift EZ Emergency Evacuation chair for stairs and link to showcase the products.

5 Reasons Why Our EZ Evacuation Chair Is Safe and Easy to Use

The design of your preferred emergency evacuation chair model impacts how easy it is to use, and whether it’s a safe ride for passenger and carrier. But over complicated equipment can take an unnecessarily long time to learn how to use safely, and increase risk of error and injury.

Here’s how we’ve designed the Mobile Stairlift EZ Evacuation Chair to ensure you can by-pass lengthy evacuation chair training before you’re able to use it safely.

  • Two man operation. While it can be safely operated by one person, the EZ Evacuation chair is designed for use by two carriers — minimizing the risk of any injuries.

  • Lightweight design. With an aluminum frame, the EZ Evacuation Chair weighs just 39lbs and can carry up to 400lbs — reducing physical strain on the carriers, without compromising on the safety of your family member.
  • A guaranteed smooth ride. The EZ Evacuation Chair uses a rubber track system which grips and glides along stairs providing a smoother ride for your family member and reducing physical stress on you.

  • Built-in safety features. The EZ Evacuation Chair has built-in safety features that keep the person being transported safe and comfortable. The ergonomic seat is complemented with foldable push handles, a safety belt and ankle restraints, wheel locks and more.

  • FDA Approved. The EZ Evacuation Chair is FDA Approved, ensuring you only use a product that’s passed rigorous safety standards. We also offer a limited warranty and 7-day money back guarantee and dedicated customer support for ultimate peace of mind.

Watch the EZ Evacuation Chair Training Video and See How Easy It Can Be!

Our evac chairs for stairs are designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind. Watch the video below and see just how quickly you could guarantee a safe evacuation with the EZ Evacuation Chair.


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