Why You Need a Stairlift and an Evacuation Chair for Stairs

Posted by Mobile StairLift on Jan 7, 2022 6:00:00 AM

If you already have a permanent stairlift installed, or own a Mobile Stairlift Chair, do you really need an emergency evacuation chair for stairs? We say the answer is “Yes!”.

But don’t just take our word for it. In this blog post we unpack key reasons why an evacuation (or “evac”) chair is an essential addition to your home mobility aids, and why your usual stairlift can’t take their place.


The Difference Between a Mobile Stairlift and Emergency Evacuation Chair

To better understand why we advise against relying on your usual mobility aid to assist in an emergency evacuation, let’s first take a closer look at two of Mobile Stairlift’s own models: the Genesis Mobile Stairlift and the EZ Evacuation Stair Chair.

  EZ Evacuation Stair Chair Genesis Mobile Stairlift
Intended use

A lightweight chair for safe, quick and easy evacuation in an emergency situation.

A durable chair for everyday use
Frame Aluminum Aluminum
Unit Weight 39lbs 62lbs
Battery Operated No Yes
Motorized tracks No Yes
FDA Registered or Approved Yes Yes
Limited Lifetime Warranty Yes Yes
Portable and Foldable Yes Yes
Maximum Weight Load 400lbs 400lbs

During an emergency, the speed of evacuation takes priority without compromising on the safety of the passenger or transporter. That’s why every ounce of weight counts, and the EZ Evacuation Stair Chair is kept as light as possible.

Similarly, the stairlift you use daily is built for comfort. For example, with the addition of motorized tracks and a heavier frame, the Genesis Mobile Stairlift is heavier but offers a smoother ride on a robust stair chair that can last years even with daily use.

Read our Ultimate Guide To Emergency Evacuation Chairs for more information.

What about permanently installed, fixed stairlifts?

Permanent stairlifts are very different to both, but share similar use cases to a mobile stairlift. If you’re looking to invest in a stairlift solution but still unsure whether to get a permanent or mobile stairlift, you may want to read this: What They Don’t Tell You About Installing a Permanent Stairlift.

image of Mobile Stairlift EZ Emergency Evacuation chair for stairs and text linking reader to related blog post.


Why You Should Have Both a Stairlift and an Evacuation Chair for Stairs

While both an evac chair and stairlift can help someone with mobility impairment traverse stairs, there are 3 key reasons they’re not interchangeable. Here’s why your home will benefit from both:

  • Evac chairs are manually operated. An evac chair doesn’t rely on power like a fixed stairlift, or a battery like a mobile stairlift. This ensures that in case of emergency, you’re guaranteed a working mobility aid — there’s no chance you’ll be prevented from a safe, quick evacuation due to power outage of uncharged batteries.
  • Evac chairs are designed for emergencies. What you need from your mobility aid in an emergency is different to the everyday. For example, our EZ Evacuation Chair includes ankle restraints and a secure headrest strap to secure someone who needs to be immobilized due to injury. You don’t need this in the chair you use everyday, but they can be essential in an emergency.
  • Evac chairs are built for speed. Fixed and mobile stairlifts are built for comfort, and move more slowly than evacuation chairs. They’re lighter, quick to deploy and easy to use — evacuating you or your loved one quickly and safely, by a family member or emergency medical professional.

When is The Best Time to Invest In an Emergency Evacuation Chair?

It’s never too soon to have an evacuation plan in place. And if you or a loved one have a mobility impairment, investing in an emergency evacuation chair for stairs can offer the whole family peace of mind. Thankfully, because they’re typically available at a lower price compared to a stair chair intended for daily use, it’s a reasonable purchase to have on hand “just in case”.

At Mobile stairlift, we’ve taken the time to understand the different needs of home users and caregivers. That’s why we’ve created FDA-registered stair chairs that serve their individual intended purpose, without compromising on the safety of the user. Find out more about our EZ Evacuation Chair and make sure your household is prepared for any emergency.

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