How to Use Evacuation Chairs Safely as an EMT

Posted by Mobile Stairlift on Apr 1, 2022 7:00:00 AM

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and other first responders often have to transport multiple patients a day. At the best of times, this takes a toll — and moving patients safely can feel like it’s at the cost of your physical health and safety. And emergency situations raise the stakes a hundredfold — as every second counts and it’s easy to throw caution to the wind when your patient’s life is at risk.

Thankfully, emergency evacuation stair chairs can make it safer for both patient and transporter.

Here’s why the Mobile Stairlift EZ Evacuation Chair is the preferred choice for EMT teams across the United States, and what you need to know to operate it safely. We’ve even included an evacuation chair training video! 

Key Benefits of an Evacuation Chair

While evacuation mats or sledges, stretchers and sheets can all be good options when needing to evacuate a non-ambulant person, emergency evacuation chairs have certain advantages over alternatives. Here are four key benefits of evacuation chairs that ensure quick to deploy and easy to use: 

  • Less strain on your body. The EZ Evacuation Chair is built to be light without compromising on safety, and distributes the weight of the patient between 2 transporters. The track system also grips and glides along stairs ensuring a smoother ride for the patient while reducing stress on the operator.

  • Quick and efficient deployment. Our evacuation chairs are designed to be light enough to be carried up stairs quickly while folded, and easy to deploy (in one step!). This ensures you and your team can work more efficiently, without increased risk to you or your patient.

  • No batteries. The power you need to operate a stairlift isn’t always available during an emergency, and batteries aren’t always fully charged on mobile stairlifts either. That’s why our EZ Evacuation Chair is designed to be operated manually — guaranteeing you a functioning chair every single time.  

  • Increased versatility. Emergency evacuation chairs are built to navigate almost every staircase with ease. No more awkward turns on tight landings or risky descends on steep stairs — saving you precious seconds, safely.

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    5 Reasons Our EZ Evacuation Chair Is Safe and Easy to Use

    The design of your emergency evacuation chair model impacts how you use it, and whether it’s a foolproof and safe ride for patient and transporter alike. 

    Here’s what sets the Mobile Stairlift EZ  Evacuation Chair apart and spares emergency personnel lengthy training before they can use it safely:

      • Two man operation. While it can be safely operated by one person, the EZ Evacuation chair is designed for use by two transporters — minimizing risk of patient and transporter injury.

      • Lightweight design. With an aluminum frame, the EZ Evacuation Chair weighs just 39lbs and can carry up to 400lbs — reducing physical strain on transporters, without compromising on the safety of the patient.

      • A guaranteed smooth ride. The EZ Evacuation Chair uses a track system which grips and glides along stairs providing a smoother ride for patients and reducing physical stress on transporters.

      • Built-in safety features. The EZ Evacuation Chair has built-in safety features that keep the patient comfortable. The ergonomic seat is complemented with foldable push handles, a safety belt and ankle restraints, wheel locks and more.

      • FDA-Approved. The EZ Evacuation Chair is FDA Approved, ensuring you only use a product that’s passed rigorous safety standards. We also offer a limited warranty and 7-day money back guarantee and dedicated customer support for ultimate peace of mind. 

        Watch Our EZ Evacuation Chair Training Video

        Mobile Stairlift evacuation chairs are designed with the safety and comfort of both patient and transporter in mind. Watch the video below and see how easy it is to use our EZ Evacuation Chair!

    Dive into the details of our product range. Click the button below and get the details on our emergency evacuation chairs.

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