Is Your Mobility Aid Ready For an Evacuation?

Posted by Mobile StairLift on Jul 5, 2019 10:50:00 AM

How practical is your mobility aid for when disaster strikes and the only course of action is evacuation? 

While emergencies aren’t a subject any of us want to dwell on, a person with impaired mobility needs to determine whether a mobility aid hastens or hampers their escape plan. To help you going forward, we’ve listed the pros and cons of the most popular evacuation equipment for disabled persons:

Canes and walking sticks

These affordable, easy-to-find walking aids are good choices for people with a decent amount of upper body strength and mild mobility problems. But when emergency strikes and the heart rate spikes, canes can be more cumbersome than helpful. With panicked people seeking exits, pesky edges halting progress, and steep stairs putting an end to evacuation, canes aren’t the safest bet for someone with mobility issues.


Cost-effective and easily available, crutches shift load-bearing weight from an injured limb and can support 80-100% of a person’s body weight. Crutches make evacuation difficult, however, as they require a good deal of upper and lower body endurance and the use of both hands. Imagine having to position your crutch just right so you’re able to open a door without dropping it? Evacuation is stressful, and you don’t need your mobility aids compounding matters! 


Your standard walker — or Zimmer frame — is available in both foldable and fixed models, and is for those who have difficulty walking even short distances. In comparison to other aids, walking frames offer the most stability. But when you factor in the slow walking speed, they become more hazardous than helpful during an evacuation.


Wheelchairs are the best mobility aids for those who should not, or cannot put weight on their lower limbs. During an emergency evacuation, however, a wheelchair’s safety shortcomings become obvious. Even with two people assisting, it’s incredibly tough to maneuver and lower a wheelchair down a flight of stairs quickly. Thankfully, there is a solution…

Mobile Stairlift — taking it a step at a time never felt so easy

With its lightweight, portable frame and durable, tank-like tread, the Mobile Stairlift is your first port of call for when descending stairs in an evacuation storm. Its large, rechargeable battery eliminates the need for a nearby power outlet, while the load-bearing capacity of up to 500 pounds for 120 flights of stairs will see you to the ground floor on a single charge.

Learn how Mobile Stairlift can help you weather a tropical storm with confidence in our latest eBook. Click here for more information about Mobile Stairlift, and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about evacuation equipment for disabled persons.

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