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Posted by Mobile Stairlift on Dec 4, 2023 12:30:48 PM

Individuals facing limited mobility have access to various mobility solutions and accessibility equipment, which prove beneficial in overcoming challenges associated with injury, aging, illness, or progressive conditions such as arthritis. 


Solutions for mobility can include everything from walkers, wheelchair ramps, platform lifts, stairlifts, and stair chairs. Given the array of products designed to aid mobility and support everyday activities, distinguishing their functionalities can be confusing, particularly when they share similar names.


In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between stairlifts and stair chairs so you can decide which best suits your needs. 

Exploring Stairlifts

Stairlifts help individuals with mobility impairments tackle the everyday challenges that can arise from aging, injury, and disabilities. Mobile Stairlift’s motorized stairlifts give these individuals their independence back, allowing them to move between floors and public buildings without hassle or risk of further injury. 




Here’s what you can expect from mobility solutions like motorized stairlifts from Mobile Stairlift: 

Safety Features

Mobile Stairlifts equip all lifts with essential safety mechanisms like seatbelts, obstruction detection technology, and smooth start-stop technology to further protect the user from injuries.  

Quiet Operation

For individuals looking for in-home mobility solutions, motorized stairlifts from Mobile Stairlift are built with noise reduction features to ensure minimal disruption to the household. This feature is perfect if you have others living with you who work from home, have children in the house, or if you simply want to move from floor to floor without dealing with constant mechanical noises.


It’s important that your stairlift is comfortable, especially if you’ll be using it often. Mobile Stairlift’s motorized lifts are designed with comfortable, ergonomic seating options. If you’ve ever sat in an uncomfortable chair for long periods, you know this feature goes a long way. 

Situations in Which You’ll Benefit From a Stairlift

Now that we’ve covered the features you can expect from mobility solutions such as stairlifts, here are some situations in which you may want to have one available. 

If You Plan On Living in Your Home as a Senior

It’s a natural part of life to experience decreased mobility as you age. If you plan on living in your home as a senior, you’ll greatly benefit from a motorized stairlift. 

These devices are especially useful — and offer significant safety — if your home has multiple floors. According to the National Safety Council, stairs cause more than 1 million injuries annually in the U.S.

If You Run a Rehabilitation Center

If you operate a rehabilitation center, mobility solutions such as stairlifts can help patients recover and regain mobility by providing a reliable means of accessing different levels within your facilities and reducing the risk of injuring themselves further, which could hinder progress.

Public Establishments

Accessibility for all is important, and mobile stairlifts make it easy for visitors to navigate your facilities.

What to Expect From Stair Chairs

Mobility solutions like stair chairs are helpful for household use but come with additional benefits compared to stairlifts. Stair chairs, also known as evacuation stair chairs, are particularly useful in emergency situations due to their portability and weight.



Here are a few key features you’ll get with stair chairs:

Lightweight and Portability

Stair chairs from Mobile Stairlift are built using lightweight and durable materials, making them easily maneuverable for increased portability and especially useful in emergencies such as evacuations.

Enhanced Safety Features

Unlike the safety features standard in stairlifts, stair chairs are equipped with secure harnessing systems that hold individuals firmly in place during use. This enhanced safety feature can provide peace of mind during emergencies where the chair must move more quickly than usual. 

Smooth Descent Control

Stair chairs from Mobile Stairlift feature lightweight construction that allows for a controlled descent by applying pressure, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. 

Smooth descent control paired with secure harnessing systems makes stair chairs an appealing option for individuals looking for higher levels of safety.


Operating these stair chairs is easy, making everyday use intuitive for individuals without the need for extensive training.

Situations That Call For Stair Chairs

When deciding which solutions for mobility best suit your needs, consider a stair chair for the following settings:

Residential Buildings

Multi-story apartment buildings should have stair chairs for residents with limited mobility for convenient access to their units and shared amenities and in case of emergencies. These chairs provide quick and safe evacuation.

Public Spaces and Workplaces

Like residential buildings, public spaces like malls, theaters, libraries, and other multi-story buildings can offer visitors and staff safe evacuation in an emergency. 

What About Elevators?

Elevators are another helpful way for individuals to navigate multi-floor buildings, but they lack the features that make mobility solutions like stairlifts and stair chairs more practical for individuals with limited mobility.


Despite incorporating safety features like fire-rated doors and emergency communication systems in elevator design, there are concerns about their vulnerability in emergencies. These worries are rooted in the possibilities of power outages, mechanical breakdowns, or the fear of being confined during a crisis. 


Additionally, many individuals opt for stairs as an alternative evacuation route, which presents a considerable obstacle for those with mobility limitations or the inability to walk. The preference for stairs in emergency scenarios highlights the need for practical emergency planning and infrastructure that prioritizes the safety and accessibility of everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities. 



We Have Mobility Solutions For Any Situation

Motorized stairlifts and stair chairs are different in terms of some features and applications, but they share the common goal of ensuring safe, practical, and comfortable mobility for those impacted by limited mobility. 

Whether you’re looking for a reliable stairlift or need to equip your facilities with star chairs, Mobile Stairlift has solutions for mobility that cover your needs. Contact us today if you have questions about our products or are ready to experience our mobility solutions.

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