The Mobile Stairlift Helix and Public Accessibility

Posted by Mobile Stairlift on Sep 29, 2023 5:17:14 PM

When it comes to ensuring public accessibility in buildings with curved staircases, the Mobile Stairlift Helix stands out as a versatile and innovative solution. Designed to provide mobility and independence for individuals with diverse needs, the Helix offers a game-changing approach to making public spaces more accessible. In this blog, we will explore the significance of the Mobile Stairlift Helix in enhancing public accessibility while shedding light on its user-friendly, professional, and educational aspects.

  1. Navigating Curved Staircases with Ease: The Helix Advantage

    Curved staircases can pose significant accessibility challenges, especially in public buildings where inclusivity is a priority. The Mobile Stairlift Helix is purpose-built to tackle these challenges head-on. With its ability to smoothly traverse curved staircases, the Helix provides a practical solution for making multi-story public spaces accessible to everyone.

  3. Inclusivity Beyond Straight Stairs

    Traditional stairlifts are typically designed for straight staircases, leaving curved staircases as barriers to accessibility. The Helix breaks down these barriers, allowing individuals with mobility challenges to access every part of a building, regardless of its architectural complexity. This inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and independence for all visitors.

  5. User-Friendly Design: A Welcoming Experience

    Public spaces should be welcoming to all, and the Helix's user-friendly design contributes to this goal. Its intuitive controls, comfortable seating, and secure harnessing system ensure that users can navigate the stairs with confidence. Public accessibility is not just about physical access; it's about creating a positive experience for all individuals.

  7. Enhancing Public Safety

    Safety is paramount in public spaces, and the Helix is equipped with safety features to match. Its anti-slip tracks, secure harnesses, and smart control technology prioritize user safety during the ascent or descent of curved staircases. This not only ensures accessibility but also fosters a sense of security among users.

  9. Educational Impact: Raising Awareness

    The Mobile Stairlift Helix serves as an educational tool as well. By showcasing its capabilities in public spaces, awareness is raised about the importance of accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges. Public spaces that invest in such solutions send a clear message of inclusivity and support for diverse needs.

  11. Professional Integration

    The Helix seamlessly integrates into public buildings, maintaining a professional aesthetic that complements the existing architecture. Its unobtrusive design allows it to blend into the surroundings, ensuring that accessibility enhancements do not compromise the overall visual appeal of the space.

  13. Compliance with Accessibility Regulations

    Public buildings must adhere to accessibility regulations and standards. The Helix is designed with compliance in mind, meeting the necessary requirements to ensure that public spaces are not only accessible but also legally compliant.


In the quest for public accessibility, the Mobile Stairlift Helix emerges as a powerful solution for overcoming the challenges posed by curved staircases. It embodies the principles of inclusivity, user-friendliness, safety, and professionalism, making it an invaluable addition to public spaces. By investing in the Helix, public buildings can transform themselves into beacons of inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their mobility challenges, can fully enjoy and benefit from the services and experiences they offer.


Discover how the Mobile Stairlift Helix can enhance public accessibility in your building. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative solution and how it can make your space more inclusive and welcoming to all visitors.




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