Top 10 Careers If You Have A Mobility Impairment

Posted by Mobile StairLift on Oct 17, 2019 11:47:00 AM

Your mobility impairment shouldn’t get in the way of building a great career in a field that interests you. With few exceptions (generally, of the heavy-lifting variety), you’ll be able to find work in almost any field, even if certain accommodations need to be made to make it possible. Here are our top 10 suggestions for jobs that can unfold into a sustainable career, with options that suit a range of support needs.


On-location positions


An accountant prepares and examines financial records for individuals and companies. In this position you’ll have the option of working for an accounting firm, or a larger business that maintains an in-house accounting team. To work legally, you’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree and professional certification in your specialization.    

Management consulting

In this role you’ll be helping organizations improve performance and operational processes, including applying human-centered strategy that ensures (for instance) a truly accessible workplace. You’ll need at least a 4-year degree in a business-related field to become a certified management consultant.

Computer systems analysis

In this role, you’ll review computer systems and IT protocols to help businesses run more efficiently through optimized computer systems. You could work in a computer design firm, or more generally, in finance and insurance or government firms. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is your quickest ticket into this field.  

Customer service

As a customer service representative you’ll be the human face of your company, and the place customers turn to when they have questions, or complaints, or would like to place an order. If you’re social, and enjoy helping others, this may be the perfect fit for you. A high school diploma and on-the-job training are generally enough to get started in this career. 

Software development

Enjoy IT? A career in software development could be you golden ticket to job satisfaction. You’ll write, test, improve and maintain code that translates into executable programs people can run on their computers. Software developers work in the IT departments of software firms, and large businesses (often in finance or insurance). You could start in this field with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics, but a master’s degree would be ideal.  

Remote work opportunities

Freelance writing

As a writer, you’re responsible for communicating with readers. As a freelancer, this may be on behalf of your clients or for yourself — it all depends on the type of writing you choose to do. Blog posts, articles for print media, and books are all options. It really depends on what topic and form you’d like to specialize in. A well-rounded college education is helpful to get you started, and a degree in creative writing or journalism is a plus!

Online teaching

The online teaching industry is booming! For some positions you’ll need at least a master’s degree in your field, but for others’ the requirements are far more relaxed (like certain online English-teaching positions). They all share one thing in common — they give you a way to help people learn new skills, through direct instruction or mentorship. Requirements are field specific, so check with your recruiting company/chat to a career advisor about what you’d need to get started.  

Virtual personal assistance

Being a virtual personal assistant means you’ll be challenged with a variety of administrative tasks ranging from editing presentations to managing schedules and data entry — anything your clients need done! You could get work as a freelancer through platforms like Upwork, or apply to join the staff of a reputable company. While you need a solid grounding in programs such as Microsoft Office/the Google Suite, you may be able to grow this career with a high school diploma and a bunch of smarts!   

Passive income streams

Affiliate marketing

If you’ve got an existing website (or wouldn’t mind building one), you could optimize it to earn a passive income through affiliate marketing. Essentially, this means you share advertising space on your website with companies who pay you for each visitor or customer they find through your website. You don’t need any particular qualifications for this, but brushing up on some basic marketing principles guarantees them traffic. And traffic guarantees your income! Check out the HubSpot free courses as a start.


Any form of passive income can take years to build, so start laying foundations sooner than later! Building a passive income through investments is something you may best tackle with the help of a financial advisor (or if you happen to be an investment banker yourself!). Essentially you’d invest capital into the stock market, or real estate (or any number of things) and live off the dividends and returns. Look around for what best suits your pocket and risk-taste, but be aware that investing can be tricky!

Whether you’re looking to spread your wings with an office-based position, or would prefer to work from home, you’re in a great place to begin building your career. Dive into the details here, and get a well-rounded picture of what the world of work can hold when you have a mobility impairment. 

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