Why Are There So Many Different Types of Evacuation Chairs?

Posted by Mobile Stairlift on Apr 4, 2022 7:00:00 AM

Evacuation chairs aren’t the most enthralling mobility equipment on the market. After all, we all hope we never have to use them, and they all seem to look the same. 

But their simplicity hides a crucial function: to make sure anyone with a mobility impairment can evacuate quickly and safely in case of emergency. 

So, why are there so many different types of evacuation chairs on the market? And how can you spot the differences between them? And which key features will help you or someone you care for get out quickly and safely during a crisis?

Common Evacuation Chair Differences

A chair, is a chair, is a chair…right?! Well, no — not exactly. While they can be similar in many respects, this mobility aid sports differences in features, quality and design. These factors can affect the price of your chair, so it’s worth taking the time to weigh up your options. 

All evacuation chairs exist to help people with mobility impairments, and those helping them, to evacuate quickly and safely in case of emergency — especially when traversing flights of stairs. But some common differences indicate they may be intended for a particular context. 

Here are a few differences between makes and models:
  • Number of Operators Needed
    Some chairs are designed for single operators. Others are designed for maximum safety, with two operators assisting the person with mobility impairment. While every FDA-approved chair has been tested for safety, wherever possible we highly recommend the added peace of mind that a dual-operated chair provides.

  • Home vs Professional Use
    EMTs, ambulette personnel and first responders use evacuation chairs routinely, and thus need a robust chair designed to withstand frequent use. Similarly, chairs designed for home may be smaller and lighter, as they’re designed for longer storage and infrequent use.

  • Ability to Navigate Tight or Unusual Spaces
    Unexpectedly tight landings and spiral staircases are just some of the curveballs a building can throw your way. Evacuation chairs can differ in their dimensions and other features, which affects their maneuverability.

  • Safety Features
    You can’t count on the person needing help being calm, or even conscious. Some chairs have built-in features that ensure the safety and comfort of passengers with a range of disabilities, like padded headrests and restraints. While these arm, leg and head restraints won’t always be necessary, it’s wiser to invest in a chair with these added details.

  • Quality of Build and Guarantees
    Images can be deceiving. While evacuation chairs can look the same, there can be vast differences in the quality of build (and the warranties that back them). Thankfully, most reputable brands offer money-back trials — if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return the chair and be reimbursed, no questions asked.

Knowing what to look for as you browse your options is half the battle won. Combining this with a deep understanding of your own, unique circumstance will ensure you find the chair that’s a perfect match for your needs.

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Which Emergency Evacuation Chair Make or Model Is Right for You?

Understanding the differences between evacuation chairs will help you select the model that best suits your needs.

Here are key factors to consider that can guide you to a worthwhile investment:
  • How often do you intend to use it?
  • What’s the maximum weight it needs to carry?
  • What is the type or degree of mobility impairment you need assistance with?
  • Do you plan to store it at home, or carry it with you when you travel?
  • Does your apartment block or condominium complex already have some?
  • What kinds of staircases would you need to traverse, and how many?
  • Would you need to go up or down flights of stairs?

Plan for Peace of Mind With the EZ Evacuation Chair

We’ve made it our mission to ensure that everyone with a mobility impairment has what they need to get out safely in case of an emergency. And no evacuation is successful unless everyone is safe, including those operating our mobility aids. 

The EZ Evacuation Chair was designed with this in mind. The FDA-approved chair is backed by a Money Back Guarantee and a lifetime warranty on its frame. The high quality build and robust frame, combined with features such as anti-slip rubber tracks and comfortable restraints make this a reliable aid in case of an emergency.

Start preparing for a safe evacuation and visit our website to learn more about the EZ Evacuation Chair. Or, contact us directly with your query.

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