What is a Stair Chair?

Posted by Mobile Stairlift on Aug 10, 2017 2:19:00 PM

You may be thinking, what is a stair chair? A stair chair is a device used to transport patients up and down a staircase while in a sitting position. Sometimes referred to as a stair transport chair, ambulance chair, medical chair and more; these portable stair chairs differ from traditional mechanical stair lifts that require permanent installation.

Traditional mechanical stair lifts require a rail mounted to the treads of the stairs, which can be costly and allows for no portability. Unlike these fixed stair lifts, these portable stair chairs require no installation and can be used right out of the box.

These innovative stair chairs offer a unique and easy solution to make mobility up and down the stairs a breeze. Specially designed for ultimate functionality, stair chairs are lightweight, easy to transport and will make moving the patient safer.

Typically, stair chairs are used in situations where the patient is elderly, unable to walk due to injury or other medical reasons. While stairs might be an obstacle for those suffering from mobility issues, our product has been specially designed to make you feel confident in your own home.

With stair chairs from Mobile Stairlift, transporting the sick, injured or elderly becomes a smooth, safe experience for both the patient and the transporter.  Learn more about our battery powered, portable stair chair here!