What To Consider Before Installing a Stairlift

Posted by Mobile Stairlift on Jan 20, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Installing a stairlift can be a great solution for those who are having difficulty navigating the stairs in their home. Stairlifts provide an easy and safe way to move up and down staircases without relying on anyone else for assistance. Before deciding to invest in one, several important considerations should be taken into account, such as stair configuration, safety features, range of motion, installation costs, and space requirements. Additionally, individuals should consider if they need additional features such as stair-leveling or remote control operation. With the right stairlift setup tailored to individual needs, it can make navigating stairs easier and safer than ever before.


  • Stair Configuration - The configuration of your stairs will be an important factor. Measure the width, length, and angle to determine the model of the stairlift that is required for a safe and efficient installation.


  • Safety Features - When selecting a stairlift, safety should always be your main priority. Look for stairlifts with features such as seatbelts, footrest sensors, and obstruction detectors.


  • Range of Motion - Consider how far you need to go up and down the stairway, as some stairlifts may not provide enough reach or speed depending on your needs.


  • Installation Cost - Consider initial costs as well as long-term running costs such as maintenance and repair bills when choosing a system. Many companies offer finance options so inquire about these when discussing stairlifts.


  • Space Requirements - Make sure there is enough space for the lift to move without obstruction. Measure the stairway thoroughly and speak to your stairlift supplier about its size and weight so that you get the most suitable model for your home.


  • Additional Features - If you need additional features, some stairlifts come with stair-leveling systems and remote control operation. These options can provide more convenience and peace of mind when traveling up and down staircases.


Drawbacks of a Stairlift

Stairlifts can be a great addition to your home but it is important to consider all of the factors above. While stairlifts offer many benefits for those with mobility difficulties, it is important to remember that they are limited in their use and may not be the best solution for everyone. Installation costs can also be significant and there may be some drawbacks if stairlifts are not properly maintained.


It is critical to mention that stairlifts cannot be transferred onto other stairs. For example, if the user has two sets of stairs in the house, they will need to consider buying and installing another stairlift for the second stair which can be rather costly. The benefits of the stairlift will also be limited to the location where they are installed, meaning every other stair outside that location will become a difficult task.


By properly researching stairlifts and their associated costs before making a purchase, individuals can be sure they are investing in a stairlift that meets their needs and is safe to use. With advanced safety features, user-friendly design, and improved mobility, stairlifts can make a huge difference at home. However, if a permanent stairlift does not feel like the right choice for you, you may want to consider a Mobile Stairlift instead. This offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative that is much easier to use, with no installation required. Portable stairlifts can be an effective way of helping individuals regain their independence when navigating stairways everywhere.


Mobile Stairlift offers a variety of stairlift models that are portable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor staircases. To find out more about our mobile stairlifts, please click here to get in touch with one of our friendly experts who will be happy to help you.


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