Mobile Stairlift vs Stryker Evacuation Chair: All you need to know

Posted by Mobile Stairlift on Jan 21, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Emergency evacuation chairs are an excellent way to help a person with mobility impairment navigate stairs quickly and safely in a crisis. While we believe they're an essential part of your emergency preparedness plan, it can be tough to choose between competitors.

To help you find the best make and model for your needs, we compare the Stryker Evacuation Chair and the Mobile Stairlift EZ Evacuation Chair

However, before we dive in, let’s look at key features of any chair that ensure it’s ultimately safe, and value for money.

Essential Features For Your Chosen Evacuation Chair


Before you purchase, confirm that your evacuation chair meets the following basic requirements: 

  • A light and durable frame. During an emergency, the speed of evacuation takes priority without compromising on the safety of the passenger or transporter. A light and durable frame helps you move as quickly as possible by minimizing the load on transporters (also reducing their risk of injury). 

  • A reasonable weight load. The maximum weight your evacuation chair can carry is a key consideration. Robust chairs should be able to carry at least 400lbs to ensure a safe evacuation, every time.

  • Track system. Emergency evacuation chairs that have a track-system make tricky or tight staircases easier to maneuver. They also help distribute the weight, reducing risk of transporter injury.

    • A warranty. Any reputable evacuation chair will be accompanied by a warranty and returns policy that safeguards you, in case of manufacturing faults. A good warranty should last for a minimum of 10 years, preferably longer. 

    • A build that considers both comfort and safety. The user of the evacuation chair should be comfortable, yet safe enough to carry. At the least, a good evacuation chair will include headrests, safety belts, an ergonomic seat and padded hand grips. 

    • A fair price. An evacuation chair is typically meant for emergencies rather than everyday use. It should not cost more than an everyday stairlift. Check out our blog post, Factors affecting emergency evacuation chair prices for more information.

      Thankfully, both the Stryker Evacuation chair and Mobile Stairlift EZ Evacuation Chair sport these features. However, they’re far from identical.


      EZ Emergency Evacuation Chair in use, text linking the reader to a blog post on the topic.


      The Differences Between the Mobile Stairlift and Stryker Evacuation Chairs

    To showcase the key differences between the two evacuation chairs, we’ve tabulated their main characteristics for a quick-and-easy comparison.

      EZ Evacuation Chair Stryker 6254 Evacuation Chair
    Intended Use

    A lightweight chair for safe, quick and easy evacuation in an emergency situation.

    An extendable, lightweight emergency evacuation chair.
    Frame Aluminum Aluminum
    Unit Weight 39lbs 34lbs
    Track System Yes Yes
    FDA Approved Yes No

    6 Months on parts & labour, Lifetime Warranty*

    1 Year on parts and labour
    Portable and Foldable Yes Yes
    Maximum Weight Load 400lbs 500lbs
    Price $999  $3,693

    *T&Cs apply

While the chairs perform similar functions, you may find yourself investing in a model that isn’t quite as flexible as you’d hoped. While the Stryker model can carry an additional 100lbs than the EZ evacuation Chair, this comes with a hefty price tag that might not be worth it.

Read our Ultimate Guide To Emergency Evacuation Chairs for more information.

Which evacuation chair is right for you?


Ultimately, your choice of chair is determined by your needs. If you’re a home user you may be able to get away with something a little more affordable that’s made for occasional use (check out our EZ Chair Lite!). However, if you need a more durable chair for your first response team, you’ll need a model that can withstand daily use, like the EZ Evacuation Chair described above. 

At Mobile Stairlift, we’ve taken the time to understand the different needs of a person with mobility impairment, and the people who help them traverse stairs during an emergency. That’s why we’ve created two FDA-approved evacuation chairs that serve their intended purpose, without compromising on the safety of the user. 

Compare our evacuation chair models and find your perfect match. 

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