When is a temporary stair lift your best choice?

Posted by Mobile Stairlift on Sep 2, 2021 8:15:00 AM

There’s no disputing that stair lifts can greatly increase someone’s ability to navigate multiple story buildings if they’ve got a mobility impairment. However, permanent stair lifts can come with a hefty price tag and more inconvenience than they’re worth.

Here are 5 reasons a portable stair lift might be your best choice if you, or a loved one, have a mobility impairment. In some cases, it may even offer a better quality of life than its permanent alternative, with none of the drawbacks!

Avoid costly, permanent changes to your home

Traditional stairlifts come with rails, which need to be permanently installed. If you’re in a condo, you may even need to apply for permission to make these alterations. The application process can be time consuming, and there’s always the risk of being denied.

A portable stair lift can bypass these frustrations without compromising your, or your loved one’s, freedom of mobility. Options like The Mobile Stairlift can even help you avoid needing to make any changes to your home at all.

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Preserve your house value

While certain changes to your home can boost its value, installing a permanent stair lift is rarely one of them. Investing in a portable stair lift can help you preserve your house value by avoiding structural changes (or even potential damage when the stair lift and its rails are removed).

Gain more freedom with a portable stair lift

A portable stair lift can offer far more freedom than its permanent counterpart. With one solution, you or your loved one will be able to access inside and outside spaces. A single stair lift can be used on every stairway in the home.

What’s more, lightweight solutions like the Mobile Stairlift Genesis can easily fold up and fit in the boot of your car — giving you peace of mind when heading out to public spaces as a family.

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It’s perfect for short visits or when on vacation

If your loved one is only visiting, why invest in a permanent stair lift? Whether you enjoy regular visits from your elderly parents or have a sibling over who’s recovering from an injury, a temporary, portable stair lift helps them get around in your home and can conveniently be packed away when no longer needed.

Truly portable solutions like Mobile Stairlift are even perfect for vacations away. Simply pack your stair lift in the boot and go!

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When to invest in your own portable stair lift
Renting or buying? If you’ll regularly (but not continuously) need a stair lift, purchasing your own unit outright may be more cost-effective and convenient than renting one multiple times a year.

By owning your own temporary, portable stair lift you’re offered the best of both worlds — no visible change to your home when it’s packed away, and a mobility aid right at hand when you need it.

Mobile Stairlift Genesis was designed with exactly this in mind — to be robust enough for regular use, and portable enough to allow for easy storage and the widest possible range of use cases. Find out more about the FDA-approved portable stair lift, MSL Genesis.

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